Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Envelope Gift Bag

All you need is an Envelope. This will work with any size, it just depends on what you are wanting.
For this I have used a "C5" size

Many of you would have seen the ones I do in class and have on display.
This is a very basic version.

Lets get started....

Score the two sides and the bottom of the envelope with a 3/4 inch score line

Measure what size you would like your bag to be. For this I have measured 16cm from the bottom score line. Trim off the end.
DO NOT play with the bag or try to put it into shape until the end...Trust me.....

Cut your cardstock to just bigger than the score lines and allow a little to overhang the top
I have cut 13cm x 17.5cm. Stick your ribbon on for your handles. I measure 3cm down and 3cm in from either side and put a dot with my pencil. I put my tape just inside and level with this dot

Place tape on the inside of your score lines NOT on the back of your cardstock. ...trust me...

Place this onto the envelop. You will see that it is about 1/2cm over the top and about the same over you score lines....When finished you won't see the envelop, it gets folded in.

Now turn over and place the other side on... I line up the one I'm about to stick down with the back of the one on the other side. If you have a good eye, this should work well..
It is easier to decorate the bag before you do the next steps.

Place your hand inside the bag and spread it out. Go over you greases and flatten out your sides and bottom. With any luck you will have two little triangle form in the bottom corners.

Place a little thick liquid glue (Not dimensional magic) on the bottom of the triangle and stick down on the bottom of the bag.
That is all there is to it.....It may take a couple of goes to perfect, but once you get started Im sure you will have fun with all sizes....
A business size envelopes make a bag about the size of a lolly bag.

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