Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We are OPEN over the Holiday Period
Keep an eye out on our Blog and on Facebook for ideas and specials over the silly season....
Christmas Week
Store Hours
Mon     9.30am   -   3pm
Tue      Christmas Day
Wed     Boxing Day
Thur    10am    -     3pm
Fri       10am    -     3pm
Sat       9.30am   -   3pm
Sun      11am     -    3pm
New Year Week
Store Hours
Mon     9.30am   - 3pm
Tue       New Years Day
Wed     9.30am  - 4pm
Thur     9.30am  - 4pm
Fri        9.30am  - 4pm    
Sat       9.30am   - 4pm
Sun       11am     - 3pm


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